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Packaging and layout: the ‘foundation’ in engineering any vehicle.

  • Vehicle packaging studies can end at the digital, rolling-model or full prototype stage.
  • Bright Automotive turned to Multimatic to package and develop their plug-in hybrid electric van.
  • Development of the Ford Focus Daytona Prototype commenced with a vehicle packaging study.
  • Packaging and layout of the de Macross GT1 culminated in a fully operational supercar.
  • Multimatic’s extensive packaging/layout experience includes carbon-composite vehicles.

Multimatic’s experienced team has delivered numerous OEM packaging projects, achieving excellent spatial and ergonomic efficiency while meeting legislative requirements and performance objectives. Services offered include:

  • Occupant seating packaging
  • Definition of occupant reach zones
  • Occupant vision studies
  • Pedal packaging
  • Instrument panel and HVAC packaging
  • Windshield surface and cowl location
  • Steering column packaging
  • I-shaft routing and feasibility
  • Glass drops and door packaging
  • Door swing / cutline development
  • Wiper patterns
  • Ground line / vehicle attitude development
  • Powertrain packaging, including halfshafts, mounts and cooling package
  • Engine compartment plug points
  • Fuel tank and filler tube routing
  • Exhaust routing
  • Front and rear suspension package, including brakes and steering gear
  • Tire size selection and tire clearance envelope generation
  • Front rail sizing and spacing
  • Bumper geometry and pendulum studies
  • Turning circle development
  • Cargo capacity studies