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Multimatic’s reputation as a world-class, high-volume auto industry supplier is built on its depth of engineering expertise.

  • MISA is Multimatic's design methodology for engineering high-volume production components.
  • The Woodbridge Group collaborates with Multimatic to engineer mechanisms for headrests.
  • Engineering and manufacturing innovations include the PACE award-winning I-beam control arm.
  • Match-metal molding makes higher-volume composite manufacturing viable.
  • Multimatic embraces advanced manufacturing techniques such as ACCRA® hot forming.

Multimatic’s component and systems-level engineering teams excel at meeting or exceeding design objectives for weight, cost and functional performance:

  • Dedicated engineering teams in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific use state-of-the-art design tools, including all major CAD packages
  • Multimatic Integrated Systems Analysis (MISA) for component design, works from the vehicle, system and subsystem levels to the component level, and back again
  • Engineering teams have direct involvement with the company’s manufacturing plants and access to in-house prototyping and testing resources
  • Technical capabilities include an integrated PDM system, in-house calculation tools, an online technical library and a proprietary automotive benchmarking database
  • The company’s design offices are connected to all major OEMs through secure data links
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) disciplines ensure that quality designs are delivered on-time, fully validated and suitable for high-volume manufacturing:
    • DVP&Rs
    • DFMEAs
    • Open issues reporting and resolution
    • Fully integrated timelines with resource planning