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Multimatic has a long history of developing and delivering complex electromechanical systems and controls.

  • Multimatic developed the Aston Martin One-77's mechatronic rear wing (and wiper and electronically adjustable ride height suspension systems).
  • At both front and rear, the Ford GT features Multimatic-produced mechatronic aerodynamic devices to maintain optimal aero balance, on road or track.
  • Air doors on the Ford GT's mechatronic front underwing open/close to alter downforce, dependent on the position of the rear wing.
  • The RUF CTR3 relies on a Multimatic-designed retractable rear wing, crucial for aerodynamic stability at high speeds.
  • In 1991, Multimatic developed a mechatronic 4-side flush glass, frameless door system, complete with electronically actuated latching and seal articulation.

Beyond the company’s mechanical hardware and suspension systems expertise, Multimatic’s in-house mechatronics capabilities include:

  • Software engineering
    • PC application development
    • Embedded application development
  • Control system engineering
    • Servo-hydraulic control systems
    • AC/DC motor controls
    • Servo motor controls
    • CAN communications
  • Electronics/PCB designs
    • Analogue and digital circuits
    • Power electronics
    • Prototype PCB production