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Multimatic is recognized for industry-leading predictive vehicle dynamics capabilities.

  • Predicted tire forces in a full-vehicle simulation are monitored to evaluate tire grip limits.
  • Track simulations with full-vehicle models enable circuit-specific setup optimization.
  • Virtual four-post rig testing is used to evaluate vehicle models and optimize suspension designs.
  • Multimatic's DIL simulator provides hands-on assessment of analytical model performance.

Multimatic develops specialized models to accurately represent suspension components, vehicle inertia, powertrain characteristics, aerodynamics and road geometry.

Applying these models, Multimatic’s vehicle dynamics engineers provide objective evaluation of vehicle behaviour and suspension performance in production applications, including suspension component correlation with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) models.

In addition, for performance and race vehicle applications, Multimatic’s predictive models are applied to provide laptime predictions and informed tuning of track setups for a competitive edge.

Used in Multimatic’s Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) Simulator, these models help provide realistic vehicle response to ‘real-time’ driver inputs.