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Multimatic is renowned for its CFD capabilities in the field of vehicle aerodynamics.

  • Streamlines are used to visualize airflow around and through bodywork.
  • Wind tunnel testing validates CFD predictions and provides accurate aerodynamic data.
  • Contours of predicted fluid velocity highlight flow patterns detailing aerodynamic forces on the vehicle.
  • Multimatic provides CFD analysis for other applications. Here, a damper oil flow prediction.
  • CFD simulation supported the aero development of the record-setting Lola-Drayson electric car.

Simulating fluid flow around or through structures, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis enables assessment of designs prior to the manufacture of parts or scale models. Multimatic applies its powerful CFD capabilities to evaluate such factors as lift and drag on vehicle body structures, mass flow rates through ducts or pressure drops through damper orifices.

Investigating design changes using CFD allows Multimatic to optimize aerodynamic performance and better understand design trade-offs. The company’s CFD models can replicate test conditions in a wind tunnel or the real-world.