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Multimatic has applied leading-edge predictive methods since 1989.

  • To assure ultimate aerodynamic performance, the new Ford GT underwent intense predictive analysis.
  • Visualizing strain energy from torsional stiffness loads for NVH, ride and handling development.
  • Pressure distribution maps aid aerodynamic development ahead of expensive tunnel time.
  • Structural and aero/CFD data can be integrated with full-vehicle dynamic simulations.
  • Predictive structural analysis is a cornerstone in product development at Multimatic.
  • Eigenmode analysis of a damper assembly is crucial for stiffness and durability.

Multimatic’s Predictive Methods team is closely aligned with the company’s design, prototype, testing, motorsports and composites departments.

Modelling and simulation techniques are continually refined by integrated correlation testing to assure that predicted results are accurate and relevant.

Multimatic employs a comprehensive range of simulation/analysis strategies:

The company uses industry-leading software including:

  • HyperWorks*
  • Abaqus*
  • LS-DYNA*
  • Adams*
  • nCode DesignLife*
  • AutoForm*
  • VI-Car RealTime*
  • OpenFOAM*

* Registered trademarks of their respective companies