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In-house prototyping capabilities accelerate Multimatic’s product development process.

  • Prototyping proficiencies in many materials permit evaluation of innovative designs.
  • Multimatic delivers prototype assemblies for pull-ahead, short-run and pre-production needs.
  • Multimatic's modern prototyping facilities include 5-axis laser cutting.
  • Multimatic’s design/build expertise extends right up to complete prototype- and niche-vehicle production.

Multimatic is equipped to efficiently design and build:

  • One-off, fabricated cut-and-weld prototypes
  • Soft-tooled stamped prototypes
  • Complex 5-axis-machined components
  • Stamped and welded assemblies
  • Fixtures
  • Niche vehicles

During development and prototype phases, Multimatic also leverages its specialized processes, including:

  • Advanced material joining techniques beyond traditional welding, riveting and adhesives
  • Advanced forming of aluminum, ultra high-strength steel, dual-phase steels and TRIP steels
  • The patented ACCRA® process for manufacturing complex, hollow-profile, high-strength structures
  • High-precision micro-machining
  • Advanced match-metal composites manufacturing
  • Material finishing and coating (e-coat, anodizing, plating, epoxy finishing, reflective coatings, EMI shielding and automotive finishes)